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Whenever we think about flamenco, the image that comes to our minds is the classic polka
dots dress. Actually polka dots have been tradition and fashion but in fact we know almost
nothing about its history.

At the end of XVIII century it firstly appeared this pattern but not as a synonim of fashion but
as an stamping error of fabric that was meant to be plain. To get rid of these, they were sold
to poor people and soon they became a distinctive mark of poverty. Mostly, these vests
where worn by people who worked in the countryside and also gypsies.

Women began to wear these dresses to the fairs where they came to sell the cattle, it didn’t
take long for high class ladys to coppy these kind of robe and it was at the Feria de Abril of
Sevilla in 1929 that polka dots dresses became the official suit of Andalucía.
At the same time, polka dots also became popular in other parts of the globe thanks to
characters like Minnie Mouse who wears them in her iconic dress. It is believed that Walt
Disney took the inspiration from his Spanish heritage.

Bit by bit pla dots were related to the feminist movement, fashion and feminity.
Here is our particular tribute to “Lunares” and a picture of”Walt Disney with Minnie”.


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