Happy New Year

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2020 was to be a year of tablaos, wild footwork and sweat. 2020 has been a year of dancing at home and surviving.


When we remember flamenco dancing at tablaos it is almost as if they were moving in slow motion. As if you could see the angry dancers on the tablao tearing their souls apart, the musicians and singers crying their eyes out. And the depressed audience enjoys and suffers in equal parts, absorbed. This is flamenco in a vein.

Unfortunately this year we have not been able to experience flamenco as we like it, although that has not stopped us. We have adapted the teaching, the shows and even the festivals to the new way of life. We have learned to connect through the screens even though we, the flamenco people, are very skinny. It seems that in this last month of the saddest year of the century, flamenco is returning to the stage, more slowly than we would like, but it’s coming back.

Artists, businesses, teachers, there are many people who have lost part of the work they had built up over the years. It is sad to see how everyone’s plans for the future have changed, as well as the perspective of the coming years. But, flamenco is about just that. Flamenco is not dance or song or art, it is a deep-rooted feeling that goes from sorrow to struggle. When we feel flamenco, we explore those emotions that we rarely allow ourselves to experience.

That is why in these complex times we are going to feel flamenco so that it pushes us to continue fighting for the art. Living from the passions has never been easy and no less rewarding.

Happy New Year! Let’s toast to a 2021 full of art and joy.



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